You may have seen the monthly income reports that bloggers are sharing on Pinterest. As a new blogger, I’m sure you’re wondering how that’s even possible. There are many ways to make money as a blogger however today we’re going to discuss how to make money as a budding blogger using affiliate marketing.

How I make money blogging with affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Allow me to back up a little bit and explain what affiliate marketing is. When you hear the phrase affiliate marketing, people are referring to their partnership with various brands. Bloggers promote products and services relevant to their audience for the brand in exchange for a percentage of the sale.


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How to promote for various brands

Each brand has different rules on promoting their products or services. Be sure to read the fine print. The consequences for breaking the rules can lead to suspension or even worse, termination of your account.

Most brands encourage you to strategically place banners on your blog’s side bar and/or in your posts.

You can also promote products and services using links in your posts, in your newsletters and even on social media. As a matter of fact, my first affiliate sale was made from Pinterest before my website was finished being rebranded. Pretty cool right?!?

Where Can I Find Brands As A New Blogger?

In the beginning, I spent weeks reading how how bloggers made money using affiliate links. It got to a point where I was reading the same information over and over…and over again. Finally I took a leap and applied for several affiliate programs as a new blogger. I’m talking one pageview and zero email subscribers type of new blogger.

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